20/20: Stupid in America – ABC (2006)

2020 - Stupid in America - ABC Documentary Film

The documentary film titled 20/20: Stupid in America is a real eye opener about the public school system in America. It unravels some of the most deeply disturbing events going on in American public schools that had the parents worried but now the ABC 20/20, a ‘watchdog’ journalistic venture, has produced tangible evidences that have justified their concerns fully. Not even the parents but even the children complain that the teachers fail to ignite their interest in their academics and some of the teachers are so dull that many kids doze off while the class is going on. Their lack of interest in education has led them in a downward spiral and many adolescents smoke weed in school premises and no action is taken against them.

The 20/20 program requested to install cameras in schools all over the United States, but the authorities refused to comply. After overcoming many obstacles, the 20/20 team finally received the approval of installing surveillance cameras and monitoring the classrooms of a reputed school in Washington D.C. However, the footage that was collected was far from satisfactory or assuring for that matter. The film contains videos of a boy dancing in class without a shirt in front of his teacher. Similarly, the classrooms are usually in complete disorder and no real effort is applied to attain academic excellence.

The film confronts and asks a burning question: is the American education system producing a band of “Stupid” citizens? What actions are the authorities taking to rectify this behavior in the classrooms? Education system is designed to produce freethinking adults, but so far, the American Public school system has been nothing but a major disappointment. It can be easily deduced from the documentary film that in order to introduce reforms in the education system, teachers need to be more engaging in classrooms and need to take action against unruly students. Furthermore, drug addiction is also a rising crisis and it is not high time that the authority gets involved and puts an end to this nonsense.

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