A Place Called Chiapas (1998)

A Place Called Chiapas Documentary Film

A Place Called Chiapas is an Indie documentary film released in 1998. In this ninety minutes documentary film, director Nettie Wild takes us to Chiapas, a place in Mexico. Chiapas is one of the poorest states of Mexico located far south. It is in a state of war, a silent war that has been defensive against the military and other official personnel in their area of stay. The rebels are armed. The Zapatista Army of National Liberation or simply the Zapatistas though have been silent but have not yet been undermined since its rebellious birth in 1994. Their war against the state of Mexico has gained fame and though their social base is mostly rural, they have pooled in some urban and international support.

Lead by Subcomandante Marcos, the name comes from Emiliano Zapata, commander of the Liberation Army of the South during the Mexican Revolution. What seems to be an interesting learn is that since 1994 they have been bearing the chronic attacks of the Mexican Army and have not retaliated with a solid packed might, but instead have tactically moved and harvested support of surrounding and beyond borders. This sort of strategy has abled them to survive for so long as a rebellious party. Plus snatching attention of media, various NGO’s and bands!

Before its emergence, the ingenious people of Mexico were struggling for their voices to be heard politically and justice shone their way. By 1994 a mysterious man emerged and led an army to raid and gain control of five villages and five hundred ranches in Mexico.  Marcos has been since loyal to his cause. He appears briefly in the documentary film with his poetic speeches and cryptic messages over the internet. He is a true dedicated leader. Being true to their core, they even take form of their formers masking all but their eyes behind ski masks.

A Place Called Chiapas: The documentary film covers the history to when the Trade Agreement disagreement in 1994 cost around a hundred and fifty lives. A cease fire has since prevailed to which both sides have tried to negotiate a peace agreement. Take a closer look into their lives, the peasant turned rebels.

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