Alien Planet – Discovery Channel (2005)

Alien Planet - Discovery Channel Documentary Film

Since the day man discovered about the existence of other planets in the universe, another question has been born. Do they have life too? Since then man has begun its quest to find life in space. These mysterious beings were named aliens and many questions about their outlook, characteristics and lifestyle have been put up, but the most significant question still remains, do they really exist?

Alien Planet - This Discovery Channel documentary film by Pierre de Lespinois and Frances Locascio is about a unique mission of an even more unique space craft called Von Braun, and its three probes called Balboa, Da Vinci, and Newton. The space craft leaves earth to reach its destination, some six and a half light-years away from earth, a planet in another galaxy, called Darwin IV. This space craft is launched to satisfy mans thirst for knowledge and finds out if these mysterious beings really exist. Whenever a problem is encountered, its first priority is to send a digital message through a laser beam to earth from space and then to think of a suitable solution itself. It is going to spend moths monitoring weather and geology of the planet and looking for signs of life.

According to the images and the data sent by Von Braun the scientists concluded that there is no ocean on Darwin IV, and the biggest water body discovered is the blue sea. After studying the planet Von Braun carefully decides the sight to land and deploys its probe Balboa to land on the planet. On contact with the planet, the probe gets destroyed into tiny little pieces. However, this was expected thus the probes built for backup were launched, and they landed successfully. However, after landing they encountered some strange beings. Who were they and what happened next? To find out watch this Discovery Channel documentary complete.

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