All the President’s Oil – Azerbaijan (2000)

All the President's Oil - Azerbaijan Documentary Film

All the President’s Oil is a marvelous documentary film on oil corruption in Azerbaijan, standing at the top position of the most revealing, the most informative and the most factual documentaries made on the topic so far. Reported by Marcel Theroux, this 25 minute long documentary film was released on October 10, 2000 when the election-o-phrenia in Azerbaijan was at its peak. Azerbaijan, with oil reserves of around $80 billion estimations, is one of the poorest countries of the world. With such an enormous most expensive natural resource, the country should have been giving a heavy competition to the top oil-fighting countries of the world. However, the scenario is totally opposite and the failure-facts lie in the oil corruption in Azerbaijan.

The shortcomings of weak revenue production from the oil reserves lie in the hidden autocracy, which is making wealthy the wealthier, and poor poorer. Soviet Union, while leaving the state of Azerbaijan, had blessed a few autocrats with the controlling strings of the oil reserves and revenues, which was strengthened by the stop-knots on the mouths and pens of Azerbaijani journalists and the soldiers of the army, who are restricted to abide by the policies of their government. Yet they have been thrown in the support of the war on terrorism, which in turn frees the autocrats to play their oil-gem-game at their fullest.

A brief interview of Heydar Aliyev, the former president of Azerbaijan, is also included in which he proclaims that all the money produced from oil reserves is handed over to the people of Azerbaijan. He also gives a few oil development examples of his era. On the other hand, the same president was accused of grasping around $4 billion from the oil reserves in the year 1999. This very outspoken film also raises questions on the future of Azerbaijan’s economy as the corruption in the oil department has made the majority of the oil investors reluctant to invest their money in Azerbaijan’s oil reserves.

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