Ancient Discoveries: Ancient Cars and Planes – History Channel (2007)

Ancient Discoveries: Ancient Cars and Planes - History Channel Documentary Film

History is a very important and fascinating subject which is ignored by a number of people. History tells us how our ancestors used to live and what they used to have but it also tells how we are able to become what we are now. People were always fond of to live a luxurious life so they strive to get one, it is known that hundreds of years ago people tried to make cars and planes on the basis of their own knowledge. A documentary film was made by the History Channel known as Ancient Discoveries: Ancient Cars and Planes. In this History Channel documentary film, different types of old and ancient vehicles and planes that were created are shown and discussed. For a car fanatic, this is a documentary film he would love to watch.

Ancient Cars And Planes - This particular documentary was the second episode of Ancient Discoveries Season 3 of History Channel aired in 2007. A number of technologies have been discussed in this History Channel documentary film, which existed in the ancient world. Some of them are Chinese wind-powered vehicles, Greek railway and possibility of flying machines in Egypt, Greece and China. Many ancient texts of Homer on the walls of Egyptian tombs show that they might have unlocked the secret to flight with some primitive helicopter designs. Chinese also had a Wind Car in the 6th century AD that was able to transport from one place to another at the speed of 30 miles per hour.

Ancient Discoveries: Ancient Cars and Planes - In this History Channel documentary film, many of such ancient discoveries related to cars and planes are revealed and explained. One of the most amazing of all was the 600 years old designs for a Batmobile similar to a Rocker Car from Italy. Gunpowder was used in order to fuel the car. Well for people who love cars, planes and also have some interest in History, then this History Channel documentary would be worth watching.

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