Ancient Megastructures: Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia – National Geographic (2008)

Ancient Megastructures - Istanbul's Hagia Sophia - National Geographic Documentary

Ancient Megastructures: Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia: This National Geographic documentary film was first aired in the year 2010, and it is 50 minutes long. Napoleon Bonaparte once said if earth is a single state Istanbul will be its capital. It was the ancient city of Constantinople, at its heart a mighty cathedra, built to revive the glory of Rome. It has survived collapses, earth quake and war. Hagia Sophia was the most glorious church in the history of Byzantine empire Hagia Sophia, which also known as Aya Sophia.

In 1453, it was taken by Ottoman Turks, who transformed to Islam and named the city as Istanbul. At its heart, two excellent mosque structure over the bay the older of the two is known as Hagia Sophia, in the Ancient indicates Holly’s wiseness. It was not designed as a mosque, but it was designed as an excellent Religious church. In January, 532 A.D a mob swept through the city; the rioter supported the chariot faction that dominant the Constantinople. King Justinian wanted his new cathedra to be the most advanced, most beautiful, most magnificent in his whole empire.

Ancient Megastructures: Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia: This National Geographic documentary film reveals that the building of Hagia Sophia begins in 532 A.D, by the Justinian architect has to push there engineering skills to the limit. The ground plan of the design was simple, a gigantic central space 31 meter sq., which were marked out by four great piers, which support the whole structure. The crowning glory of Hagia Sophia is its dome, which is 56 meters high and over 31 meters across, the interior of Hagia Sophia is truly beautiful, its walls and floor are covered with marble. The tops of its pillar are delicately carved, and roof was glittered with gold. Justinian church was completed in the year 557 AD and had been standing for 20 years when it was shaken by a massive earth quake, which cracks the dome. The dome was replaced by Isidore the younger which was spectacular feet of design.

It remained a symbol for both Muslims and Christian alike. Hagia Sophia is truly a magnificent ancient structure.

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