Austin Stevens: Snakemaster: In Search of Desert Giants – Discovery Channel (2005)

Austin Stevens: Snakemaster: In Search of Desert Giants - Discovery Channel Documentary

Austin Stevens: Snakemaster: In Search of Desert Giants - This 40 minutes long Discovery Channel documentary film was presented by Austin Stevens in the year 2005. He is also known as Snakemaster. The famous program Austin Stevens: Snakemaster in some countries is a regular broadcasting nature series hosted by Austin Stevens on Animal Planet. In this Discovery Channel documentary film he has not talked about the reptiles or snakes but, he explains why the elephants are so crucial to the waterless landscape of the Namibian desert.

Namibia is the home to one of the only two populations of desert elephants in the world but, despite of their size they are very difficult to find. African elephants, throughout the history, can be found in south of the Sahara Desert and on the south tip of Africa. Presently their population is in the main limited to the protected areas of game reserves and national parks. The African elephant occupies a great deal of habitats, from forested to open grassland areas and mountainous regions to semi-desert.

An African elephant can deplete 150 to 300 pounds of food each day. In fact, due to its great size, strength and need for enormous amounts of food and water, its effect on its environment can be wicked. In addition, poaching-type of environment in which it lives-causes destruction and the intrusion of human populations on its home ground and migration routes have made wild numbers to speedily decline. The strength and size of healthy adult elephants leaves them less vulnerable to depredation by lions. Humans are the principal predators of adult elephants. Young ones are susceptible to lions and hyenas. If they feel a predator nearby, the largest elephants instinctively herd the Young ones in the center of the herd.

It is nothing but a kind of miracle that the biggest land mammal on the earth has survived yet at all. However, once thousand of elephants were known, now just a few are remaining and every new life in unbelievably precious.

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