BBC Horizon: Allergy Planet (2008)

Allergy Planet - BBC Horizon Documentary Film

Allergy Planet - As the name suggests this BBC Horizon documentary film, sees this planet earth threatened by various kinds of allergies. It takes a tour of world for this purpose and tries to unveil the mystery. The basic idea for this film, came from the fact that few decades ago, people were less vulnerable to allergies and now one can find everyone suffering from one or other kind of allergy. Let’s just take the example of Britain, 50 years ago one in thirty was affected but now, the situation is much more intense, one in three is dealing with an allergy epidemic.

This BBC Horizon documentary film takes a very interesting route to answer very basic but vital questions. Why is that we are more prone to allergies than earlier human beings were? What impact it could have on future generation? And why this is considered as the greatest puzzle of modern medicine?

Allergy Planet - And then the BBC Horizon documentary film tries to answer each and every question through some evidence and facts. The makers travel across the globe and they attempt to cover even the remotest places that can be helpful in revealing the truth. Another major aspect of this BBC Horizon documentary, is that it has included the sufferers along with the scientists to make the problem more understandable for the viewer.

One more appreciable point is that, this BBC Horizon documentary film includes very basic information as well which helps a person, who is not associated with the subject, in developing a foundation that aids him to understand complex dynamics of allergy. The BBC Horizon documentary highlights the worst condition of allergies in third world countries. It says a lot about the reason behind it and also emphasizes on the consequences.

Allergy Planet - Overall this particular documentary film under discussion, gets thumbs up and the team behind it has certainly done a fabulous job of compressing a subject that is as vast as Sea in almost an hour and yet it has been able to communicate a strong and alarming message to the masses effectively.

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