Bear Kingdom: Meeting With Nature In Russia’s Tver Region (2007)

Bear kingdom - Meeting with nature in Russia's Tver region Documentary

Bear Kingdom documents Russia’s Tver region where there is a Centre for taking care of orphan bears and it takes part in the rehabilitation of bear cubs. At the start of the documentary film the Centre is documented and the biologist who is in-charge there, describes the details of their operations and their procedures at the rehabilitation Centre. The bears are taken care of for a few months until they are capable enough of taking care of themselves.

The bears are fed as they are too small at the time to get food for themselves, in the start they are taken care just as children. They are fed milk at first when they are very small but as they grow they are taught to live with one another in open areas; after a few months they are moved out in the open where they are fed porridge but in a very distinct manner, the two people who feed them always wear the same clothes and do not apply any aftershave or such material because the bears recognize humans by their smell. They place the porridge at different places in the bear compound so the bears have to find the food to eat it. This is so that the bears learn to eat out on their own.

When the cubs are first brought to the sanctuary they are not just fed but are also trained physically such as they are taught to walk and in doing so they learn the different ways of living in the forest, this is necessary because in the end that is where they will have to go, as wild animals their actual home is the wild. The documentary film also displays that besides being a sanctuary for orphaned bears the reserve also serves as good academic opportunity for students of biology that work there an offers them opportunities to interact with nature.

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