Becoming Muhammad Ali – History Channel (2007)

Becoming Muhammad Ali - History Channel Documentary Film

Becoming Muhammad Ali - Released in 2007, This is a semi biographical documentary film from History Channel about boxing legend and American icon, Muhammad Ali aka Cassius Clay before he converted to Islam. This History Channel documentary film explores the life of a boy who emerged from a humble background and was destined to be one of the most revered and awed boxers the world has ever known. This film contains interviews from various people who knew Ali as a teenager and who were with him throughout his career.

The documentary starts with a history of Muhammad Ali before he was a professional boxer, being a black man he was often denied even the most basic of human rights. In those days there was racial segregation in America and the blacks were not even allowed to dine at the same restaurants as the whites. Department stores did not allow entry to Negroes, Cassius Clay was constantly tarred with the same brush even after he had gained recognition as a professional boxer.

The rest of this History Channel documentary film is a quick insight into Ali’s taking the world by storm; he challenged every opponent and openly loud mouthed them. Many people in the spectators and media alike thought of him as a temporary phenomenon whose arrogance would bring his end. But these people were in for a shock, as this man gave tough time to each of his opponents. Muhammad Ali’s signature jabs and agility were almost guaranteed to bring his opponents down after a couple of rounds. In 1964, he became the world heavy weight champion.

Becoming Muhammad Ali  - The History Channel documentary film also has guest appearances by Muhammad Ali’s coach, close friends and family. We get an insight into the more humane side of Ali’s nature, how he supported multiple charities and even refused to join the army during the Vietnam War. He was a humble man in reality, and deeply cared for the black community.

He was nicknamed “the Greatest” during the peak of his career, and he truly is one of the greatest and most recognized athletes the world over. His arrogance and verbal insults in the ring were about the only things that undermined his talent.

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