Before It’s Too Late: Hawaii Isles of Extinction (2004)

Before It's Too Late - Hawaii Isles of Extinction Documentary

Released in 2004, Hawaii Isles of Extinction is part of the Before it’s too Late documentary series. This documentary film, as the name implies, is based on the various issues that have arisen against wild animal survival in Hawaii. The number one tourist destination in the world is fast becoming a less than welcome place for wild creatures that have long inhabited its rain forests.

Hawaii was born of ancient volcanoes, and this isolated island chain has been widely regarded as one of the most beautiful and prime tourist destinations in the world. People from all walks of life, especially rich and famous people, aspire to spend their vacations in this region. Over seven million people travel to Hawaii every year. Thus rapid development in Hawaii is being made towards urbanizing some portions of it.

This is invariably bad news for the native animals, since this implies their habitats will be destroyed and many of these animals will fall victim to the hunting spree of elites who go there. Nature activists are furious about all this as Hawaii is home to some of the rarest and most unique animals on the planet. Many of these animals are already declared endangered, thus it is very important for us to take steps in protecting these species.

Apart from urbanization, there also exists a deadly disease which is killing these animals. Researchers have hypothesized that this disease is likely as a result of foreign bacteria. This foreign bacterium came onto Hawaiian shores with tourists coming from all over the world. This bacterium commonly affects the ancient Green Sea Turtles and the Hawaiian Monk Seal.

Before It’s Too Late: Hawaii Isles of Extinction - This is an excellent documentary film, with breathtaking camera work which is guaranteed to show Hawaii as beautiful as it really is. We meet some of the rare creatures that are exclusive of Hawaii and even witness the birth of a Monk Seal pup.

Before It’s Too Late: Hawaii Isles of Extinction - The documentary film stresses on the ongoing struggle of these animals to survive, and of the people dedicated to safeguarding the lives of these precious animals and natural beauty of the island.

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