Before It’s Too Late: Papua New Guinea Land of the Unexpected (2004)

Before It's Too Late - Papua New Guinea Land of the Unexpected Documentary

Before It’s Too Late: Papua New Guinea Land of the Unexpected is a 2004 documentary, written and directed by Geoff Hall. It is narrated by Mike Searle, and is based on the need for preservation of wildlife in Papua New Guinea. Papua New Guinea has long been home to wild animals and the recent boom in industry tends to endanger the lives of these animals and plant life.

The documentary film starts with Mike Searle giving us a brief introduction to the beauty of Papua New Guinea, he explains why this region has been such a haven for wild species to flourish so successfully. The natural climate and structural diversity of Papua New Guinea means that it contains species rich rainforests, and rare unspoiled coral reef. Both of these areas are an ideal environment for some extraordinary creatures to flourish.

Thankfully, this paradise has been hidden from the eyes of the industry, and has been spared the devastation that conquered many other such areas throughout the years. But not for long, a recent change in political trends has meant that Papua New Guinea is now open for business, and with such a plentiful supply of rainforests, it is a magnet for people wishing to set up an industry.

While industrialization of Papua New Guinea will mean employment opportunities for the locals; this also means that trees will be cut down, and thousands of animals will lose their homes. This endangers the lives of these animals and the absence of rainforests coupled with pollution, hunting, logging and mining mean this could spiral into an ecological disaster.

Over hunting by the locals also means that these animals are on the brink of extinction, and while news of a catch may be good news for the women and children, it is invariably a death sentence for the animals. Rare animals like the Cassowary, Tree Kangaroos, and Birds of Paradise are usually a part of the village’s diet. But they admit that game is harder to come by nowadays, as there are fewer animals now and this number is constantly decreasing.

Before It’s Too Late: Papua New Guinea Land of the Unexpected - The documentary film is beautifully shot and makes us appreciate why it is so important to conserve nature.

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