Bermuda Triangle Exposed – Discovery Channel (2011)

Bermuda Triangle Exposed - Discovery Channel Documentary Film

There are countless mysteries of this universe and some of these exist at our planet earth as well. Devil’s triangle or Bermuda Triangle is one such mystery for which scientists yet fail to bring any scientific knowledge. Unexplained mystery of Bermuda triangle has taken to its deadly effect a number of surface ships, ground vessels and aircrafts. The area is bounded by Atlantic, the Bahamas and Straits of Florida. First reported incident of unusual disappearance in Bermuda triangle was reported in an article of Associated Press in 1950 AD. Since then, incidents of such disappearance have kept coming to the notice of people and this finally defined the Bermuda Triangle.

One of the scientifically established facts about this Devil’s triangle is the phenomenon of an electromagnetic compass pointing to true north instead of magnetic north. This fact has also a slight mention in the discoveries of Christopher Columbus where he felt abnormal behavior of his compass in this region. The facts of abnormal deaths and disappearances in this Devil’s Triangle are undeniable. One of the most notorious incidents about the mystery triangle is of Flight 19. There has been a death toll of around 1000 human lives which people attribute to the mystery of Bermuda Triangle during past one century.

Lots of theories exist about Bermuda Mystery and one such theory is that the Bermuda has the lost city of Atlantis in its deep depths. But this has not been an established fact because no exploration of the lost city has been done or completed. Bermuda is a main navigational route of ships and aircrafts passing over or through the Atlantic but seldom do these ships or aircrafts sink into Bermuda. Bermuda is also a main route from United States of American to Europe. The mystery remains and there is no scientific denial to this.

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