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Black Money Documentary Film

This PBS-Frontline documentary film is released in the year 2009. It is written and produced by Lowell Bergman and Oriana Zill de Granados and narrated by Will Lyman.  Frontline correspondent Lowell Bergman breaks ice yet again as he investigates on black money and titles the documentary film the same. Black money refers to routinely payments in secrecy between multinational companies to assure business relations and profit in billions. David Leigh, author of “The Guardian” then sheds light on how black money is used to generate billions for the British government.

Based on analytical focus and in depth research upon two case studies, Frontline carefully constructs the idea of the black money system. With this we get a huge lump sum of money which is unaccounted for, all have been blinded and deafened of and can be used for anything as it is attained from anything, and therefore usually gets stolen.

David Leigh helped crack a big and serious case, the international arms deal Al – Yamamah, The Dove in English. It dates back to 1985 and is labeled as one of the biggest and most complex of black money cases. It concerned arms deal between a British aerospace manufacturer giant and Saudi Air Forces. This gave birth when the Israeli lobby in Congress denied the proposal by Prince Bandar to buy a new fleet of Fighter jets from the States. He was then guided by President Ronald Reagan to the British where a deal was then made under the influence of black money which had later cleft. Much suspicion that breathes till day was eradicated by Lord Timothy Bell, member of Thatcher’s cabinet, when he said that if both sides benefit over the sovereign agreement, enabling Saudis to defend self and blessing Britain with wealth and jobs then it is a jolly good contract. This jolly good contract was worth 80 billion dollars to the British Government.

Watch frontline foil and expose more about this illegal money cases to the general public, awaring them of the money power that swirls above their heads. Together with a strong insight, research, great direction and filming lead by a commanding voice take you to a world of corruption unveiled.

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