BBC Body Image: Too Ugly For Love (2006)

Body Image: Too Ugly For Love - BBC Documentary Film

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) is a relatively new phenomenon and is becoming increasingly ubiquitous, particularly in this era, as the perception of beauty established by the media becomes more and more embedded in the society. The outcome is obvious; people have irrational insecurities about their appearance that has taken a full-blown form of a mental illness that forces them to go through countless, expensive plastic surgeries and in some extreme cases, it leads to suicide. As many people are now susceptible to this disorder, it is only fitting that a documentary film sheds some light on the lives of its sufferers and raise awareness about this very serious problem.

Body Image: Too Ugly For Love - This documentary was released in the year 2006 and aired on BBC Three; the title is self-explanatory and succinctly describes one of the greatest fears of people, who suffer from BDD. The BBC film follows the lives of three individuals; Joylan, Kayla and Ruth, who have been diagnosed as having Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) and sheds light on their daily battle with it. Joylan believes that he has hideous dark circles that make him look ugly, which is why he refuses to take off shades. Kayla believes she is ugly and refuses to get filmed and her obsession with attaining beauty has rendered her father knee-deep in debts.

And then finally, Ruth believes that she is fat and all three of these people are then put through a treatment regimen called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This targets the irrational thought process that then triggers the irrational behavior. Out of the band of three people, Ruth responds really well to the therapy session and it gives the audience a much-needed assurance that though, BDD is a crippling disorder but there is a treatment for it that can put an end to the constant preoccupation with how one looks. The BBC film is a interesting and a gripping insight in to the lives of people with BDD; it shows how they suffer every single day and what a pain it is for their loved one to see them in such a position.

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