Burzynski The Movie: Cancer is Serious Business (2011)

Burzynski The Movie - Cancer Is Serious Business Documentary Film

The documentary is directed and written by Eric Merola and is about famous cancer physician Dr. Burzynski, who discovered the ultimate answer to cancer in the form of non toxic treatment which is known as antineoplastons. First half an hour of the film shows the patients of Dr. Burzynski who recovered their disease because of his effective treatments. And also there is a segment showing his history and his way of treatment. The film also dedicates its time to showcase the reality of cancer world, where people are more involved in making money rather than curing the disease.

Dr. Burzynski suffered a lot of hurdles and difficulties during his practice as he was not welcomed by his fraternity but his patients were always there for him. He graduated with first position among 250 students in his class at the Medical Academy in Lublin, Poland. And in the same year, he found antineoplastons which proved to be very effective for this deadliest disease. He found out that cancer patients lack antinoeplastons and its sufficient provision may prove to be helpful.

One very important benefit of this treatment was that, unlike chemotherapy, surgery or radiation, antineoplastons proved to have least side effects with no damage to any sort of tissues. And his way of treatment also did wonders in the cases where every other option failed. Despite achieving such many successful stories of saving adults and children from cancer, Dr. Burzynski faced a lot of legal battles for nearly 15 years from the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners and FDA. But he had many supporters in the form of his patients and they followed him to courts as well.

Finally this film that portrays the struggle of a person against this deadliest disease. It shows the success and the pressure and criticism that accompany it. This film has done a commendable job of containing all the elements of Dr. Burzynski life and will inspire the viewer for sure.

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