Can I Get High Legally? – BBC (2009)

Can I Get High Legally - BBC Documentary Film

Can I Get High Legally? is an hour-long BBC documentary on the topic of ‘legal highs’, as the film proclaims. Starting with the fascination and the ecstasy of elites’ party, the narrator defines legal highs as the legal drugs, which are always the pivotal fun of these parties. These drugs are openly sold at drug stores and through online shopping, however the concept of ‘legal’ behind these neurotic drugs is often neglected by the major part of our society.

Can I Get High Legally? - Presented by George Lamb, an ex-musician , the BBC film is a sensible narration of the legal drugs’ information and talks about the highs and lows of these drugs, along with the interpretation of the ‘legal’ concept. George Lamb visits several elite parties where these expensive drugs are enjoyed by all age groups and also talks with several people who tell about their experiences about these drugs. George Lamb tells that the drugs are considerably less harmful to the human nervous system and therefore, the government codified these drugs as legal. However, when he wents on the voyage of truth, he finds out that a few people had severe ‘high’ experiences after taking these drugs, which are also conventionally used in medicines.

George Lamb also discusses the issues with several doctors who talk about the biological effects of these drugs and claim them to be harmful and severely injurious to human nervous system. Doctors claim that these legal highs cause effects that are far terrible than the Category A drugs. After doing a verbal research, George Lamb decides to practically experience the effects of these drugs. The later parts of this BBC film show a very decisive scenario in which George Lamb experiences and tells about the effects of these easily-accessible drugs. This very thought-provoking documentary film from BBC opens the new doors of consideration for the law makers, who have made these drugs the ‘legal highs’, however they have not produced any restriction on the consumption of such drugs.

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