PBS Nova: Car of the Future (2008)

Car of the Future - PBS NOVA Documentary

April 22, 2008 – This day is marked in history as the Earth Day and was celebrated with lots of innovative ideas and concepts. Television and internet were flooded with billions of gospels stepping forward to the future’s insights. 35th season of the PBS Nova’s documentary series also contributed with its 15th episode Car of the Future. This documentary film discusses the serious issue of the effects of the future’s car on the environment and individuality of humans’ finances in a very light and humorous tone and evaluates the comparison of yesterday’s car with the tomorrow’s one along with a slight consideration of social and political affairs.

Narrated by John Lithgow, it is the story about two brothers; Tom Magliozzi and Ray Magliozzi who vamoose on the voyage of exploring the future’s car. Tom, the graceful lad, wants to get through his 1952 MG Roadster. However, he has a ton issues with the technicalities of the present-day cars. He wants an environment-friendly car. Therefore, he, with his mate, visit different sites and talks with a few car experts; including David Green from the Oak Ridge Laboratories and Martin Eberhard, a Tesla Prototype proponent. Ranging from environmental experts to the general automotive and motor professionals, this documentary film gives hundreds of alternatives to the present-day car. These alternatives can be successfully used as cars of the future without leaving any environmental cataclysm behind.

Critically, as the show was mainly associated with Earth Day, as it seems to be, therefore, the major concern should have been on the past mistakes regarding gasoline control and environmental issues rather than just providing alternatives of cars and their stuffs. Though every car possesses a different degree of technological and technical construction, however, as a matter of fact, every individual cannot incur a car that consumes lesser gasoline and refines it before exhalation into the environment. Other than the technologically advanced states, others have to rely on financially cheaper meat of the car industry.

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