Coca or Death – Bolivia (2001)

Coca or Death - Bolivia Documentary Film

Bolivia – the state of peace and coca farmers – was compelled by the American government to completely cut down the coca crops as they can easily be transformed into cocaine. Protests emerged all around Bolivia and La Paz – the second largest city of Bolivia in terms of population – was suffering blockades and bloodshed every day, every minute and every second. Sandra Jordan, the reporter of the ‘Unreported World’ went out to analyze and cover the everyday torment in La Paz.

Coca or Death shows that the people of La Paz chew coca leaves and believe that even if the coca is converted into cocaine, still its not Bolivia’s problem as coca is used as a vitamin source and for medical ailments in Bolivia. The people of Bolivia believe that the root of the problem lies in American policies of abolishing Bolivian economy. Sandra also takes the viewers to the coca fields near La Paz, which were on the next hit list of the army. The road to these fields is considered as officially the most dangerous road of the world. The battle between the rich and the poor is fought with the Bolivian slogan; ‘Coca or Death’.

Coca or Death is an insightful documentation of the Bolivian domestic coca rivalries. It reaches the domestic politics which is often planted to manipulate on national and international levels. The devastation of Bolivian economy is evident from the empty fields where merely a farmer is seen. Though the soldiers are not ordered to shoot or kill local people, however the violence and torment is infinite. The local people are shot like animals. This marvelous documentary film – which is a product of the courageous reporter and the production team and crew – shows the root of Bolivian coca consumption. Domestically consumed as coffee or tea, this coca economy is being devastated terribly by the ruthless policies. It is an enlightening documentary film which definitely, worth watching.

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