Conspiracy?: Who Killed Martin Luther King Jr.? – History Channel (2004)

Conspiracy - Who Killed Martin Luther King Jr - History Channel Documentary

Who Killed Martin Luther King Jr.? is a documentary film aired on The History Channel among the series named Conspiracy? Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the most influential political figures in the history of the continental United States. Martin Luther King Jr. was well-known and was thought of as a hero for his stand regarding civil rights violations of the colored people of America and his anti-war sentiments and movement, which came into direct conflict with the foreign policy of the United States at that time which included military presence in various parts of the world as well as a very bloody war that was ongoing in Vietnam at the time.

Martin Luther King Jr. would have been on the hit list of a number of people because of his fame and his political standing, where he was publicly acclaimed and literally worshiped as a hero for his work against the injustice served by the government and the state, he was also widely disliked and hated among powerful circles whose interests were threatened directly by what Martin Luther King Jr. stood for. In his assassination in 1968, a suspect by the name of El-Ray was trialed and found guilty for his attack on Martin Luther King Jr. and subsequently faced a 99 year sentence for a crime which he stood up to deny even after his hearing and conviction. The History Channel documentary film revolves around Mr. El-Rays attorney who throughout the course of his video tries to prove that his client was indeed not the assassin that day.

A number of theories emerge as a result; whilst some put the blame on security agencies sanctioned by the government for a hit on the Martin Luther King Jr. and also some others that allegedly accuses a wealthy business man said to have connection with the mafia of ordering and facilitating the hit on the Martin Luther King Jr.. In the end, a verdict was achieved by Mr. El-Rays attorney in his favor, but it was not until it was too late; the History Channel documentary film elaborates in a very detailed manner every aspect of the investigation and is a very absorbing documentary movie.

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