Cosmic Journeys: Crashing into the Moon (2012)

Cosmic Journeys Crashing into the Moon Documentary Film

Cosmic Journeys: Crashing into the Moon, documentary film explores the new space race. It examines how over the next decade many countries and even private companies have plans to send rockets on an exploration to the moon. Their mission: to search for clues to the moon’s origin, determine whether humans could live on it and to map its lunar system.

Each country’s mission a little different from the next. The Japanese mission will search for rare minerals with the use of x-rays. Russia’s hopes to study the flow of heat from the moon’s core by sending seismic detectors into the soil to monitor the moon-quakes. America hopes to find water harvesting deep inside the shadowy craters at the moon’s poles.

As more and more missions are planned, the chance of profiting from developing space business increases. Many private businesses are examining ways to supply launch or human transport services. Some are even looking into exploiting space resources.

The purpose behind these missions to finally fulfil the promise of the space age. To send humans back to moon and even further into space. The ultimate goal to eventually live and work in space. But is this possible? Can we permanently live in space?

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