Cosmic Journeys: Voyage to Pandora – First Interstellar Space Flight (2010)

Cosmic Journeys - Voyage to Pandora - First Interstellar Space Flight Documentary

In the movie, “Avatar”, we see this Earth-like environment that is actually a moon of the planet Polyphemus in the Alpha Centauri system. It is called the Pandora and this moon is inhabited by the Na’vi, which are characterized as blue-skinned, human-like figures who are over ten feet tall. They worship nature via a Mother Goddess they call the Eywa.

This film from Cosmic Journeys series, however, is not an ode to the movie helmed by award-winning director James Cameron. But rather, it presents what it would have been like if we are ever to cross intergallacti borders and touch down on Pandora.

The thing is, can Pandora be actually real? Can this world actually exist?

The Alpha Centauri is real, that you have to know. It is a star that is nearest to the Sun and our neighbor in the solar system, so to speak.

But exploring the Alpha Centauri may be quite impossible as it is known to be anti-matter and only in the world of science fiction is it possible to travel there.

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