Cutting Edge: The Virgin Daughters – Channel 4 (2008)

Cutting Edge: The Virgin Daughters - Channel 4 Documentary Film

Cutting Edge: The Virgin Daughters - This Channel 4 documentary film is based on the so called “Purity movement” that is undertaken by a group of young American girls. Their stance is to preserve their virginity until their marriages. This is something much in contrast to popular American culture that has developed over the past few decades. According to statistics the number of people who indulge in sex before marriage in the United States is far greater in number and so easily outweighs those who aspire to be otherwise.

Although most religions in the world stress upon both men and women to preserve virginity until their marriages it is much too unfortunate that in recent years we have seen people specially people of developed countries to deviate away from this rule of life; specifically in the United States losing one’s virginity has become more of a social statement and has become a part of growing up. What is most unnerving is that even the parents do not discourage their wards from taking part in such activities rather they facilitate them. This is where a small group of American girls comes into discussion which is striving hard to prevent their purity until they get married and are spreading their word forward as well so that others may join the cause.

Cutting Edge: The Virgin Daughters - As this Channel 4 documentary film continues onwards we see the purity movement girls preparing for a ball, in that ball we witness that the daughter of the ball’s organizer does not even hold hands with her to be husband on the notion that this would neglect her purity motives and would incite her against her principles. This Channel 4 film is a somewhat scary reminder of how far the societies of today have come from their basic religious foundations. But it also reminds us that even in the most difficult of times there are still people who realize good, who do good; and who work for the better thinking of it not as their religious belief but as their moral, ethical and social responsibility.

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