BBC Horizon: Dawn of the Clone Age (1997)

Dawn Of The Clone Age - BBC Horizon Documentary Film

Dawn of the Clone Age – This documentary film is an episode in an entire series of BBC documentaries called Horizon. Put on display in 1997 this short BBC Horizon documentary film documents and depicts the story of cloning and the challenges that were faced by the scientists who successfully first carried out this genetically replicating process. The BBC Horizon film revolves around the first ever successfully cloned adult sheep named “Dolly”. After a detailed analysis of the road that led to Dolly and all the scientific and financial hurdles that came in between the scientists involved and Dolly, this BBC Horizon film also studies the implications that Dolly will have on the fields of medicine and it also defines the mixed reaction that arose at the time of Dolly’s cloning.

Dawn of the Clone Age - The BBC Horizon documentary film describes in detail the struggle of the scientists that were involved in cloning Dolly. Most notably the BBC Horizon film revolves around the struggle of Doctors Ian Wilmut and Keith Campbell along with their entire team at the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh as they strived to achieve the most awaited breakthrough in embryology of their time. Dolly received mixed reactions from the outside world when news of her cloning became common. A few scientists are shown in the end to welcome the first ever cloned adult sheep, saying that she is a breakthrough in modern science and the science of embryology; but at the same time the other side of the coin is also put on show that is the majority of the non-scientific world that questions the motives of this genetically replicating process. This first ever cloned adult sheep is shown to receive major resentment from the religious and political circles of the world.

In a nutshell one can conclude that, indeed this genetically replicating process has its medical advantages and yet if it is used for something that does not lie properly in the domain of ethics and human morals then indeed cloning can be a very disturbing science. The cloning of this adult sheep has given rise to many questions. Such as the cloning of humans is it possible? If it is could it be used to perhaps synthetically produce and replace human body parts? And perhaps most importantly could it be used to raise the dead?

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