Did Jesus Die? – BBC (2003)

Did Jesus Die - BBC Documentary Film

Did Jesus Die? - This BBC documentary film investigates the variety of stories surrounding the New Testament account of the crucifixion, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ, by interviewing historians, theologians and historical researchers. This exploration of the latest theories about what really happened to Jesus Christ 2000 years ago uncovers some surprising possibilities.

At the heart of the mystery is the suspicion that Jesus Christ might not actually have died on the cross. The BBC documentary film concludes that it was perfectly possible to survive crucifixion in the 1st Century – there are records of people who did. But if Jesus Christ survived, what happened to him afterwards?

One of the most remarkable stories concerns the charismatic preacher Jus Asaf (Leader of the Healed) who arrived in Kashmir in around 30 AD. Just before he died at the age of 80, Jus Asaf claimed that he was in fact Jesus Christ and the programme shows his tomb, next to which are his carved footprints which bear the scars of crucifixion.

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