Dispatches: Bin Wars – Channel 4 (2007)

Dispatches: Bin Wars - Channel 4 Documentary

Bin Wars - This 47 minutes long Channel 4 documentary film of Dispatches series was broadcasted in 2007. The Channel 4 documentary film by Dispatches says a nation at wars over at Bins. Bin wars are said to escalate the latest weapon, pay as peoples and announced by the government. Every time people take out their bin they pay for their rubbish collection. In order to grip of the rubbish crises producing more than ever before running out the places to put it, so the government wants the people to recycle more. In this Channel 4 documentary film by Dispatches, Alex Thomson has conducted an experiment, checking if leaving down food for 2 weeks creates any health risks? He also tried to discover that local government claims that having peoples bin collected every fortnight makes people recycle more.

The Channel 4 documentary film by Dispatches says Alex Thomson conducted an experiment to get the answer of the question. He created two identical bags of rubbish, using mostly of food waste because that’s what the people are more worried about. 1 bag will going to left for a week and another for 2 weeks, then each one will be tested for bacteria. Alex Thomson founded only two reports into the impact of fortnightly collections, they both were inconclusive and both need more research. District Council denied about the rise in the rat population, it also says that since the introduction of the fortnightly collections recycling is up for 18 percent.

Dispatches: Bin Wars - Further the Channel 4 documentary film explains that the environment is the easiest answer for all the problems.  Recycling is clearly much better than our traditional method of dealing with the waste here baring it into holes in the ground and in those holes the land filling sides are goes fast filling up. The European union is now facing the UK with 200 million £ worth for land filled taxes that will be of just 4 years if they will not  massively increase the amount they recycle. In the Dispatches ICM survey 85% agree that supermarket and manufacturers should be penalized for using too much packaging.

Bin wars are being waged in the farthest ignorance and fear, people cannot go on paying the price of shopping, mounting piles of packaging, local authorities are struggling to cope. But they are just opening the salvos in Britain war over the bins.

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