Dispatches: The Supermarket That’s Eating Britain – Channel 4 (2007)

Dispatches: The Supermarket That’s Eating Britain - Channel 4 Documentary

Dispatches: The Supermarket That’s Eating Britain - This Channel 4 documentary film is released on 19th February, in the year 2007. This documentary film explains about the Tesco is Britain’s favourite supermarket, having 15 million customers a week and 2,000 stores, it’s almost twice as big as its closest rival. The Channel 4 documentary shows, how Tesco could soon become even bigger, and asks if this retail giant is mistreating its power.

In this documentary, the excellent channel 4 and dispatches team investigates the many negative hidden policies of the Britain’s biggest retail merchant. It shows us, how Tesco has become predatory and aggressive towards local councils and councillors and even towards MP’s, as Labour’s Keith Vaz describes in her interview. According to Dispatches, Tesco is a ruthlessly efficient company that bullies local councillors into granting it planning permission. It also lobbies MPs to be favorable in its direction and allegedly has numerous tax scams up its sleeve. This might come as a shock to the program makers, but hundreds of big businesses do this kind of thing every day.

Dispatches: The Supermarket That’s Eating Britain - In this Channel 4 documentary, Ben Laurance, pieces together all the evidence that reveals the true potential of Tesco’s expansion plans. In two thirds of Britain, Tesco has been already the predominant supermarket. Tesco is Britain’s favorite supermarket. However, in any UK business, which does not outsource its staff or funnel its earnings through a tax harbour, will find itself with an extra competitive failing. The new rules also threaten to cheapen the tax base everywhere, as organizations with headquarters in other countries will demand similar measures from their own governments.

Dispatches information shows, how that dominance could become even greater. The program examines the ways in which Tesco avoids paying tens of millions of pounds in tax by exploiting legal loopholes and using complex networks of companies and partnerships here and abroad. And Dispatches chronicles the links Tesco has forged with New Labor, the program examines, how Tesco has used its connections to exert influence both at Westminster and with local councils.

Dispatches: The Supermarket That’s Eating Britain : The Channel 4 documentary takes heed, how councils feel bullied, MPs complain, about being put under pressure and Tesco to use its financial clout to keep its competitors at bay.

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