E! True Hollywood Story: Kobe Bryant (2003)

Kobe Bryant - E! True Hollywood Story Documentary

The NBA Golden Boy, Kobe Bryant, is a legend in basketball and has grown in fame over a short period of time. His skills, tricks and size are much dreaded by opponents. He is a man in total control of his game. In this forty–five minute stretch documentary film presented by E! True Hollywood Story, you will be exposed to the depths and insights of Kobe Bryant.

This E! True Hollywood Story documentary film includes interviews of his friends, teammates, L.A. Times sportswriters and various media spokesperson. We look into Kobe Bryant’s life as to where he was born and raised. How he had a top basketball player, Jellybean, as a fatherly figure and how the former basketball superstars inspired him. Hard to believe that such a vibrant superstar was, in his earlier years, a very shy and isolated person easily picked on and thrashed about. Not so shy on court and staying loyal to his girlfriend (basketball), Kobe Bryant quickly gained fame and stunned onlookers with his playing skills. He later shocked Philadelphians with his intention of playing pro not for them but for the Lakers.

Though there was a media outrage, his parents supported him. This ended with them moving to the Land of Lakers and him playing alongside Shaquille O’Neal, with whom Kobe Bryant butted heads. He created history, becoming the youngest player in basketball to play professionally. Spending most of the time on bench and being criticized by teammates, Kobe Bryant grew frustrated. On court was the only place he fit, absenting self from the glam life outside. As an alienated, shadowed and arrogant person, Kobe Bryant had to struggle to reach top spot.

When Lakers suffered blows of loss, Phil Jackson was hired as coach to lead the team to a win, primarily working to ease the tension between O’Neal and Kobe Bryant. This made Lakers win three games straight, Kobe Bryant marrying Vanessa and fathering a daughter.

Like most celebs, Kobe Bryant too was charged with sexual assault and was arrested, released on bail and then victimized by a swarm of reporters. He is to attend a hearing which would decide his marriage, career and life as a free man.

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