Eiger: Wall of Death – BBC (2010)

Eiger: Wall of Death - BBC Documentary Film

Eiger: Wall of Death: Directed by Steve Robinson, this amazing BBC documentary film revolves around one of the world’s most notorious mountain faces on the earth: the Eiger. Situated in the Bernese Alps in Switzerland, this huge structure stands at 3000 meter above the valleys surrounding it. It is the easternmost peak of a ridge crest that extends across the Mönch to the Jungfrau at 4,158 m.

The hour long BBC documentary is full of enthralling scenes of the beautiful giant of the mountain that Eiger is. Between 1935 and today, more than 60 people have died in an attempt to ascend this mountain. Yet, it doesn’t fail to fascinate like no other mountain has ever done before. Infamous for having killed many, it has also earned the German nickname Mordwand, which translates to Murderous Wall!

In Eiger: Wall of Death, two very experienced and professional mountain guides, Kenton cool and Neil Brodie, set out to explore how the Eiger earned its reputation and became such an iconic mountain. In this amazing battle for survival, that commenced in March 2009, these two gallant mountaineers travelled to the treacherous North Face of the Eiger to re–tell the stories of mounting this giant and the epic tragedies attached to it.

The icy cold, howling winds and eerie steeps showed in the film look something out of a horror movie. With amazing cinematography and good sound, valuable interviews and an interesting history narration makes this BBC documentary film a must watch video. This BBC documentary film also includes the paths taken up by the climbers to reach the summit of the easternmost peak. The Eiger remains to be the focus of the boldest mountain climbers, who will either succeed in their ascension or die trying.

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