Fighting for a Seat at the Table – Brazil (2001)

Fighting for a Seat at the Table - Brazil Documentary Film

3000 people were assassinated in the Northern Brazilian island, however Sau Paulo – the largest city of Brazil – achieved this figure in just 3 months. The drastic socioeconomic conditions of the country are drifted by state violence and ruthless torture, making the lives of poor impossible! Brazil entered the world’s fastest economic system; global economy in 1990s. Where capital market systems opened doors to the foreign investors in the country, at the same time, the domestic elites kept earning with their both hands. The concept of equal distribution was worsened when it was proved that the larger part of the country’s economy is still grasped by the domestic elites.

This half-hour long documentary film throws light on the pressure of the global economy over the Brazilian system of economy, which has turned out to be something more devastating for the poor and the lower middle class. Sau Paulo always remains under the shadows of rivalry and bullets, however the conditions in 2001 were more terrible as the death toll had reached 84 times than the one in 1995. Sonya Saul, the reporter of the ‘Unreported World’, visits several hospitals of the Sau Paulo and interviews the local people to gather information about their economic problems and the average income of labor. The hardworking Poors and middle class are struggling hard to fulfill their basic needs in this 21st century, whereas their average hard work is far greater than the ones belonging to national elites. This very enlightening documentary film takes the poor Brazilian lives at stake, on its toll and nourishes the concept of equal money distribution along with the portrayal of the unhealthy aftermath of money circulation in few hands culture.

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