Five Ways to Save the World – BBC (2006)

Five Ways to Save the World - BBC Documentary

Five Ways to Save the World - This one hour long BBC documentary film was broadcasted in the year 2006. NASA hosted the World top scientists, to get answers of the massive question which is Global Warming. Overly remained not reduced carbon dioxide emissions buy enough in time to stop the devastating effects of climate change. So dramatic plans are now understood discussion to engineer the earth before it’s too late.

The BBC documentary film says, the first of the five ways to save the world is the most expensive and ambitious, it aims to cut the amount of sunshine which hits the earth. For as long as the sun is shinning, men were sheltering from it using sun shades of one source to another in order to protect oneself. Dr Roger Angel is one of the world’s foremost minds on glass optics; he believes that the glass could be answer for solving global warming. He calculated that the total weight of the sun shade is 20 million tons and the space shuttle could be able to carry 23 tons. This will require 870,000 trips costing 450 million $ each.

Further the BBC documentary film talks about John Latham, he uses the swift of futurist cloud ships which spray the fine vapors into the sky for making the clouds more dense and also reflective, it the vessel that would produce any carbon emissions. Professor Ian Jones gives the solution of planting fighter plants, when co2 is absorbed by these plants it releases the oxygen and remaining carbon stays with the plantings. When these plantings die they take the co2 with them into the deepest floor of the ocean. Then Professor Klaus Lackner he wants the carbon dioxide gas out of the atmosphere and stored it deep underground.

Five Ways to Save the World - The BBC documentary film says man behavior is causing climate change, they hope people find the way to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions without the need of such dramatic technological inventions but, if man do not the scientists are with their ambitious plans “the five ways to save the world”.

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