Friendship 7 – NASA (1962)

Friendship 7 - NASA Documentary Film (1962)

Friendship 7 - This NASA’s documentary film is about one of the earliest space programs of the United States. On 20th February 1962, the first American astronaut John Glenn was launched into orbit around the earth in a spacecraft called “Friendship 7″, named by the astronaut himself. The pilot of “Friendship 7″ waited three years for this glorious day. Three years of studies research and practice had finally paid off, and he was ready to board his spacecraft, and now John Glenn was ready for his ride around the world.

Two teammates have pioneered the way into space for John Glenn. Tested the mercury spacecraft, proving the equipment and pushing the program on a threshold of orbital flight. The flight controllers in the control room control the decisions regarding the course of the mission, and it is in their shoulders that the responsibility of John Glenn’s life lies. These people determine the locations of the spacecraft and take decisions about whether the mission should be carried out or aborted. The control rooms are established all around the world and through these control rooms, the information about the spacecrafts mission is processed. The day finally arrived when John Glenn boards his spacecraft. Around the world, everything is ready, the stations, the men and the space to handle.

The main worry of the spacecraft team now is will it serve its purpose? The main purpose behind this mission was to explore and gain knowledge. Once the spacecraft was launched, everybody started their jobs. From the engineers who manufactured this space vehicle, to the crew that launched it, from the trecking experts who will charge his voyage around the globe, to the sailors standing at the sea to recover him. John Glenn was the man who took this risk, and his footsteps were followed by many in the times to come.

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