Gaga by Gaultier (2011)

Gaga by Gaultier Documentary Film

We all have heard the age old adage that “Opposites attracts”, but I bet we never really thought about what would happen, if people with similar tastes and interests were brought together. The latter was taken on as a personal challenge and the documentary film titled Gaga by Gaultier has done exactly that. Lady Gaga is a revolutionary artist, who has made her niche in the music realm with her eccentricities. On the other, Gaultier is very much like Gaga, but is known for incorporating non-standard tools in fashion designing. Both these individuals are self-proclaimed non-conformists and have cashed in on a lot because of their uniqueness.

Gaga by Gaultier - The film features an in-depth, unforgettable interview between these two radical individuals. The interview unravels many aspects of Lady Gaga’s life, from the moment she was catapulted to fame to her present status in the society. Lady Gaga bares her heart to Gaultier, who can relate with her on a huge scale, as both of them have shown an avid interest in contemporary art and unique fashion. She further tells him about her relationship with her fans and many backstage stories that are sure to keep everyone hooked till the end.

She is a pop star, who has learned to be different and use this craziness as her unique selling point. Both Gaultier and Lady Gaga have marketed themselves that way and this control over their image is indeed what makes them so successful. The documentary film is punctuated by exhilarating live performances given by Lady Gaga and also features archival footage that shows Gaga in a more “Human” form, as it sheds light on her personal life and her interactions with her loved ones. It provides great insight into the life of Lady Gaga that has fascinated and repulsed everyone, but at the end of the day, she was able to do what most musicians fail miserably at – Leave a lasting mark on everyone.

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