Ghost Adventures (2004)

Ghost Adventures Documentary Film

Ghost Adventures - The documentary film may sound like any other run-of-the-mill ghost busting expedition, but the documentary film may have a new twist to it. It features a crew of three men, who drive through America, visiting places that have had a gory history and a number of eye-witness accounts that attest to the paranormal activity that goes on there. It starts off with three men, but soon cuts down to two, as their third member refused to go along due to his religious beliefs. They carry basic equipments such as camcorders, night-vision cameras and EVP sensors. The layout of the show is quite interesting as they move from one haunted place to another and the style and concept is very novel.

This 90 minutes long documentary film features the crew members being interviewed by various news channels. Considering the fact that most people usually meet these subjects with pure skepticism and are on the edge of their seats to criticize it or label it as fake, the team did manage to produce some very interesting and compelling evidences in every single haunted place they visited. They went from Virginia City, Nevada to an old miner’s cabin. All these places had a violent past that they were trying to unravel and captured some very intriguing objects on film that would make any skeptic think twice about their criticism.

Although, the documentary film is quite fascinating, but the evidences produced are still quite debatable and some parts may seem edited. However, for the sake of entertainment, the documentary film is amazing and a must-watch for people with an avid interest in the supernatural. In a society, where the word hoax is used so loosely; especially for supernatural occurrences, the team of Ghost adventures has garnered positive s and a green signal from a video expert, who validated their claims that the video is a 100% authentic. The documentary film should definitely be on everyone’s watch-list.

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