Ghosts of Cité Soleil (2006)

Ghosts of Cité Soleil Documentary Film

Ghosts of Cité Soleil tells the story of major gang leaders who were controlling the city, under their command the young men who are heavily armed known as the Chiméres the secret army of Jean-Bertrand Aristide who is the president. The documentary film circle among the two brothers Haitian 2pac and Billy the gang leaders and their role of leading of the gang Chiméres to protect the president. This 85 minutes long film is broadcasted in the year 2006.

The documentary film reveals that the preacher Jean-Bertrand Aristide who became president of Haiti in the year 1991 and from years to his second term. In his government a huge loss of damage in the industrial sector, the illiteracy, unemployment, and poverty was on high rates. This time his government was in big trouble as the people became aware of the cruel idea for Haiti. The people wanted the president to be in prison and Chiméres the gangs to be in school. The gangs were ruling the state and terrorizing the people. The city was divided into sections and each was controlled by a group of 30 fully armed people. The president tramples on patience of human rights by arresting the government critics and armed thugs to beat up marchers.

The documentary film reveals the story of Chiméres gang leader 2pac, he said that the Cité Soleil have no one to speak for them and it might have 300,000 people. The region of Cité Soleil was divided into sections such as Soleil one to Soleil five which were controlled by the five gang leaders. Cité Soleil remains captured by the gangs until 2007, UN troops entered city with 700 soldiers who ended with heavy battle between the gangs and the soldiers. UN troops began controlling the area with the help of the citizens.

2pac made it out from Haiti, in July 2004. Billy was gone into jail and when he was released from the prison 2pac decided to go back and be with him. 2pac was shot by Labanye on 30th of September 2004, he died in Cité Soleil. Lele the doctor is living in Paris, France. Billy has disappeared and is assumed dead. A new president was elected in February 2006. The Chiméres are still thriving in Cité Soleil.

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