Global Warming or Global Governance? (2010)

Global Warming or Global Governance Documentary Film

Global Warming or Global Governance? - This 80 minutes long documentary film says everybody knows that man is causing global warming. Could Mr. Al Gore and others like him be wrong? In spite of the claims of the scientific consensus, many leading scientists say Al Gore is wrong. These leading scientists provide hard evidence that is unlikely, man is causing most global warming.

In this documentary film, professor Ian Clark says, highest degree of these dramatic warming of climate disasters. Most of the increase in temperature of the past centuries is due to human contribution of CO2. However a few years ago Ian Clark decided to view more closely at the science which makes him astonish that in fact there is no evidence of human being’s the cause. There is, however, an over warning evidence due to natural causes such as changing the output of the sun. The major premises of the inconvenient truth is the carbon dioxide which is the major greenhouse gas that dry the temperature of the earth.

Global Warming or Global Governance? - Further the documentary film says, the people can see the greenhouse power of the water vapors everyday, temperature in the desert can easily reach to 110 degree of Fahrenheit during the day in the summer and during the night the temperature in the desert drop downs to 65 degree Fahrenheit the change is so large because of the very low water vapors in the desert. Conversely the human areas have high levels of water vapors. People also know about the greenhouse effect, the temperature drops to 50⁰ Fahrenheit during the night, but, when its cloudy it remains 65 degrees at night which makes different between the cloudy and clear weather. Only a tiny amount of carbon dioxide greenhouse effect cause by man.

It’s a global problem and it has to be solved in a global strategy but this is a rare and its aspects are in the global dimension and every nation has to be the part of solution.

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