God of Wonders (2011)

God Of Wonders Documentary Film

God of Wonders is broadcasted in the year 2011, and it is 1 hour 25 minutes long. Throughout creation god’s power is displayed, from the growth of new plants in the spring, to the new life forming in the womb. Wherever you see in the world, the creator power is unmistakable. He guided the stars in their courses above. He formed the majestic mountains. He maintains the beneficial seasons. The life of everything is in the hand of the creator. This documentary film displays the true glory of god.

The documentary film says that the lightning, and the thunder storm shows the wrath of God. However, one the other hand everybody struck with the lightning and storm and the smell of the fresh air, the lightning itself releases nitrogen and oxygen, which are really very helpful in fertilizing our grounds. Our sun is the myth, and its energy output is enormous. Its core scorches 27,000,000 degree Fahrenheit. Solar system sun is an average star in the universe, but over 1 million of earth will fill inside the sun. Arcturus star about 200 trillion miles away this orange giant is visible to the naked eye. Arcturus is one hundred times brighter with the radius 20 times greater than the sun. All these things show that everything in this universe fears its lord.

Further God of Wonders reveals the power of God by giving the example if the mass of the tree could be converted into energy the power will yield 45,000,000,000,000 kWh. The potential energy within the single grain of salt could power the entire house hold for a couple of months. All shows that there is someone who is without beginning or end, having the knowledge the wisdom, the incredible and infinite, to put this all together from atom to cosmoses. When the people see many sign of god, it should invoke the sense of reverences on the people’s heart.

Truly, our creator is the god of wonders, and one of his greatest wonders is his immeasurable love for the people. The lord will give the person ever lasting happiness which is going to trust him. To god alone who do such great wonders, the glory thanks giving and honor forever.

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