Gold Fever – BBC (2000)

Gold Fever - BBC Documentary Film

Rowing – the game of the waters – might be a peewee for the rest part of the world, but in Britain, it is the symbol of dignity and the art of classicism. Gold Fever – BBC documentary film on rowing is a series on rowing sport. This BBC documentary series follows the quest of gold medals in Olympics by those who are reared up in the name of Olympics medals and strive for 4 years or more to become a victor. Including Steve Redgrave, a retired British rower who had won consecutive gold medals in 5 Olympics i.e. from 1984 to 2000 and his four coxless four mates; Tim Foster, James Cracknell and Matthew Pinsent, this BBC documentary film follows the hardships of these Rowing folklores who strived hard for years to raise their heads proudly on the medal stage. However, Steve Redgrave remained the most fortunate of all to leave his remarkable imprints on the pages of history.

Including the highs and lows of the gold war, the BBC documentary film explores the diagnosis of Steve’s diabetes and how his combat with his disease operated along with his gold quest. It is inspiring to watch the enthusiastic revelations of this documentary, especially the one in which Steve bravely faces his diabetes diagnosis and fights his disease primarily to win the battle of gold. Such revelations not only inspire but also strengthen motivation and vividly demonstrate ‘sportsman’s spirit’. On the hand there is Tim Foster, who got his hand injured in a party and was spotted to lose his position in team, however, he not only overcomes his injury but also takes part in the quest of gold. His injury was operated and he was treated medically and physically. Cracknell on the other hand, was facing a psychological dilemma in which he had to make a final decision; either his girlfriend or his essence, his sport.

Gold Fever: It is an interview and original footage based documentary film from BBC. It also features Jurgin Grobler who was among the key formulators of this game. Declared as the honorary president of the British Rowing, Steve is regarded as the greatest Olympian of the British history. In Higginson Park of Marlow, there is a statue of Sir Steve Redgrave.

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