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Home - This 93 minutes long documentary film was broadcasted in the year 2009. The documentary film says life a miracle, that appeared in the universe nearly four billion years back, and human only 2000 years ago. Even today new volcanoes continuously sculpt our landscapes, it offers a glimpse that what human earth was at its birth, molten rocks surging from the deaths cracking, spreading or blistering in thin crust for following dormant for human time.  Man has prevailed in the destructing the stability that is very important to life. This is the extraordinary story of human’s original home that is planet earth.

The documentary film says a miracle of time primitive life forms still exists in the globe hot springs they give them their colors, they are called Archie Bacteria; which feed from the heat of the earth. The cyanobacteria or blue green algae; capable of turning them to sun and capturing the energy from it. They are the vital ancestors of all yesterdays and today’s plant species. But what happens to carbon that poisons earth’s atmosphere? Its still here, imprison in the earth’s crust, here they were once inhabited by micro organisms.

Home - The documentary film explains, trees are inherited from cyanobacteria that power to captures the light energy of the sun, they started changing into leaves and wood. Thousands of animals were born united by their customs and rituals that handed down by generations. Across the planet, one percent in four lives as human kindled 6 thousand years ago, they are the only energy that put nature provides season after season and it’s the way of the life of 1.5 billion people. After several of years; man started ruining the earth.

Its time to come together and what’s important is not what is gone but what remains are. Human still have thousand of rivers, forests and thousands of thriving species, so what are they waiting for.

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