I Know I’m Not Alone (2005)

I Know I’m Not Alone Documentary Film

I know I’m Not Alone is a unique documentary film by musician and activist Michael Franti on his mission of peace in the Middle East, that speaks out the hearts of those who are highly affected by the American war in the Middle East but are left unmarked.

This war has brought a drift in economic and political news where it is estimated in terms of the cost of transportation of ammunitions, fuel costs, habitation, foods and stuff but the most important part of this war is generally left untouched. It is about the cost to human life, which is affected in two ways. On one hand, there are soldiers, who fight days and nights by the name of nationalism and patriotism and their families also suffer the fears of deaths or injuries or suffer a total loss while their sons, husbands or fathers fight on the war grounds. However, there is another group of people, which serves these soldiers. These are the doctors, nurses and the members of paramedical staffs who serve these soldiers in the war grounds and the poets, musicians and storytellers that fight along with the soldiers while living far from the war borders.

The second group serves the soldiers for their loneliness and homesickness. This group is the one which plays a considerable role in raising up the morals of the soldiers, motivating them on the war grounds, pays with words and music for their relief and satisfaction and most largely; it binds the soldiers with the ties of patriotism and nationalism and holds them up, united and strengthened, under the shadows of humanity and peace. I know I’m Not Alone, documentary film is unique in its context as it does not illustrate the scenes from the war grounds. Rather, it includes an amazingly harmonized set of real footages from the war grounds accompanied with world-class poetry and music on the topics of nationalism and peace. It also illustrates the general activities among the soldiers in which they seek motivation from their inspiration idols and bring about a whirl of modern art soaked in humanity and love.

This film also includes horrific music that beats the hearts of the viewers in the war grounds while showing the real footages of war and the travelogue like clips of Iraq, Israel and Palestine. I Know I’m Not Alone is a remarkable documentary film which definitely has a recognizable place in the documentary market.

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