Illuminati Blood Sacrifice – Part 1

Illuminati Blood Sacrifice (Part 1)

This conspiracy documentary film is an unofficial assembly of various video clips from the life of iconic superstars that lost their lives in a remarkably similar and equally strange way. This conspiracy video includes celebrities Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Isaac Hayes, Etta James and Bernie Mac. There are many clues about their mysterious deaths that link them invariably to a secret brotherhood that has a bloody history of assassinating many famous people, the Illuminati.

The Illuminati have been known in history to be associated with high profile murders and general secrecy regarding their operations. It is also one of the oldest and most elusive of all human brotherhoods in which members undertake oaths to guard the secrets of the brotherhood and go through strange rituals that will make them a part of the “Divine Order”. It is rumored that the Illuminati kills any prominent person who stands against their ideologies.

In recent times, there have been a number of deaths of notable people that made headlines; these events are peculiar in the fact that circumstances relating to the deaths, the timing, and methods of killing are both strange and out of place. The dates of these deaths nearly always equal the number 3, 9 or 11; all of which are Illuminati symbols.

Perhaps the most famous of all these deaths is that of Michael Jackson. The King of Pop, as he was dubbed in the late 80s, has been the centre of popular culture well over 4 decades. His stratospheric level of success makes him the greatest entertainer in history, many of his albums went on to become, and still are, top sellers around the world. All this commercial appeal made him a worthy target for the Illuminati. Then there is also the fact that nearly all of Michael Jackson’s music centered on philanthropy and social awareness, many of his songs pertain to themes about loving the planet and its people regardless of their color, cast, or religion.

Michael Jackson left vague hints throughout his songs, lyrics of which give the impression he was against the Illuminati and their ideologies. He even foretold his own death (exactly as it did happen) in the song “Morphine”, which was released 14 years before his death.

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