PBS Frontline: Inside The Meltdown (2009)

Inside The Meltdown Documentary Film

Inside The Meltdown - Produced in 2009, this PBS Frontline documentary film gives the viewer an insider about how the economy went so bad and that too so fast by the 18th of September 2008 that an emergency meeting was called at the Capital. The documentary film explores what Bernanke and Paulson didn’t predict, and couldn’t stop from happening and finally weren’t able to fix what damage had been done.

Many Americans are baffled as to what happened to the economy in such a short time, and it scares them how the biggest names in Finance and treasury couldn’t see what was coming. On the 18th of September 2008, the chairman of the Federal Reserve told the leaders of US Congress that the American economy was in extreme difficulty of a complete meltdown within a matter of few days.

The company’s stock had dropped a striking fall, and bankruptcy was about to happen in the blink of an eye. This was an inappropriate disaster. Bernanke, a former economics professor from Princeton, specialized in studying the Great Depression, and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, who was also a former Wall Street executive with Goldman Sach, were called on the emergency basis.

The PBS Frontline documentary film shows the whole scoop on the matter, with rising political pressures and the failed planning that was sending shockwaves through the economy, along with the evaporated confidence on the Wall Street. Everything was going wrong, and people were being doubted and mistrust was being anticipated.

Inside The Meltdown - The documentary film explores how the proposed $700 bailout plan by Bernanke and Paulson backfired badly and finds out how the legislation passage, and the failed implementation of the plan went about.

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