Inside The Milky Way – National Geographic (2010)

Inside The Milky Way - National Geographic Documentary

Inside The Milky Way is a documentary film produced by Dox Productions Studios and was first aired on the National Geographic Channel. This National Geographic documentary film is narrated by Reg E. Cathey and takes us on a journey across the universe. Using state of the art computer-generated imagery; this National Geographic documentary film constructs a highly detailed model of our galaxy and explores the many secrets of the cosmos. We observe the birth of stars and visit the nebulas neighboring our planet.

This is quite an excellent documentary film, and scores top marks in terms of depth and level of detail. The 3D model of the galaxy was painstakingly created from over 8 million pixels worth of photographs taken from hundreds of locations throughout the world. What emerges is a rare and nearly accurate insight into the structure of our galaxy. It would be very difficult to predict the exact structure of our galaxy since it is so vast, but extrapolations and generalizations have enabled astrologists to correctly approximate most of the data into a working model of the galaxy.

The galaxy in which we reside is called the Milky Way; there are billions of galaxies just like ours in the universe. Scientists have discovered hundreds of them and have been astonished by the sheer number of stars in them. Just our galaxy alone contains some 5 billion stars. We also learn about Nebulas; vast balls of gases that accumulate to form stars and existing stars burst away to create nebulas again when they die.

We also learn about the cosmic balance that keeps all this working together; scientists are astounded at how such a vast and complex system has been functioning flawlessly for billions of years. There is such an impending amount at stake if something were to go wrong in the slightest. Then there is the fact that it is just such harmony in the universe that enabled life to develop on Earth, any disturbance in this system would have disastrous effects on our planet.

Inside The Milky Way - This National Geographic documentary is a very educational documentary and the amount of work that went into its production is evident from the documentary film itself.

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