Inside the Koran (2008)

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Inside The Qur'an Documentary Film

Inside the Koran, written and directed by Antony Thomas was released in 2008. Samir Shah is serving the production credits. We can see that this documentary film is promising to be a good flick. Antony Thomas and Samir Shah have collaborated in the past too, and their earlier efforts have been known to produce some better documentaries than are out there generally.

As the name implies, Inside the Koran is a documentary film concerned primarily with Islam. The film is especially notable because it gives video footage and extensive interviews of Muslims all over the world. Many of the issues are addressed that are normally associated with Islam and are misrepresented in the western media. Some controversies regarding Islam are also effectively dealt with.

Inside the KoranThe documentary film begins with a brief background into the beginnings of Islam, recounting the divine revelations that were made onto Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Conquests of the Muslim empire after death of the Prophet are also described. It is interesting to note that a western documentary recognizes the fact that Muslims did not conquer Europe by force; rather it is established in the favour of the Muslims that their invasions were not made by sword. Indeed, the Muslims were more tolerant towards non-Muslims than the west gives us credit for.

It is acknowledged that Muslims made great advancements in the field of mathematics, geometry, algebra and trigonometry. We also learn that some of Islamic World’s iconic architectures were also created during this era. Some criticism is also made regarding the Hijab, and Jihad concepts of Islam. It is widely believed that Hijab is mandatory on all women, and Jihad is considered to be war against non-Muslims. The documentary film shows interviews of many Muslim scholars who offer their opinions on these matters.

It is shown how the followers of a religion tend to deviate from the right path and reach their own conclusions; as is the case with suicide bombers. Committing suicide or killing for honor is prohibited in Islam and we should not blame Islam for the vile things that are done by extremists.

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