Jesus: The Lost 40 Days – History Channel (2011)

Jesus: The Lost 40 Days - History Channel Documentary

Released in 2011, Jesus: The Lost 40 days is a part of History Channel’s award winning series of documentaries on religious history. This documentary film is written by John Marks and directed by Trey Nelson, the History Channel documentary film is an interesting study in to the final days after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christians believe that Jesus was crucified on the cross, he was then resurrected by God so he could make appearances in front of the common people and give them solace.

Jesus: The Lost 40 days also shows Ray Downing’s virtual model of Jesus Christ’s body. Downing has been researching the infamous Shroud of Turin, which is widely believed to be the cloth that wrapped the body of Christ after crucifixion. Using latest computer generated imagery, Downing is able to decipher the underlying image embedded in the cloth, and then generate a three dimensional image of his face.

As the documentary film progresses, we learn about Jesus Christ’s six famous appearances after his resurrection. The first two of these appearances were made within a few hours of each other in Jerusalem, the other four spanned the next 40 days. While it can be agreed that Jesus made many appearances, the Bible mentions just six of them. We also get an insight into the political conditions that were prevailing in the era of Jesus, and how any Jews that rebelled were crucified by the Romans. Crucifixion is a very slow and painful death in which the victim is nailed to the cross from his arms and legs, stakes are also driven into the torso so the victim will eventually bleed to death.

Jesus: The Lost 40 days: The third quarter of this History Channel documentary film tells us just how much cumbersome a task it was for Downing to piece together incredibly vague visual clues from the shroud. While it can be debated whether the shroud really is authentic, the film has accounts from various experts in Christianity who are of the opinion that it is authentic.

This is an interesting insight into the foundations of one of the oldest and widely followed religions in the world.

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