Journey of Man (2003)

Journey of Man Documentary Film

Journey of Man - This 120 minutes long documentary film is released during the year 2003. It talks about the information which may surprise the viewers that from the past 15 years, the scientists are using cutting edge technology to investigate the human history. They had gone into people’s distant past to discover something incredible. A long time ago human families had been in the condition of dying but somehow they manage not only to survive but become the most successful people on the planet. This documentary film is about the history of the human family that conquered the earth. The documentary film is presented by Dr. Spencer Wells and he is geneticist.

Journey of Man - The documentary film says, the blood of the human body is the essence of life and in tiny drops there is the history inside. It tells about the journey of the human species and in every person is carrying unique chapter. However, it’s only in the last decade that people discovered how to read these stories, a window to the past that archeologist can only dream off, a time machine hidden in every human gene. The presenter says there are now 6 billion people across the world. Not so long ago human species had been just more than 10 thousand and their world was a single continent Africa. A small group left the Africa on a journey into an unknown hostile world.

Journey of Man - In this documentary film Dr. Spencer Wells started a journey of finding out the hardships bear by a human ancestor. He started his journey from Africa. He met with African people by meeting them he observes that many things expected in these people’s blood can be seen on their faces. Their shape of eye from Asians, they have cheeks of Mongolians and their skin which can turns lighter or darker. Dr. Spencer Wells worked with the DNA the very young manual of life; it’s in human blood in every cell of the human body which resembles the process of their lives by these DNA people can know their earliest ancestors.

Human ancestor took a journey from Africa to the modern world took 35,000 years, but today nearly 500 generation later the descendent can make the trip in less than a day.

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