Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside – MTV (2011)

Lady Gaga - Inside the Outside - MTV Documentary Film

Lady Gaga’s new album “Born this way” may have attracted more attention than it deserves. However, we just crave to know more and more about this revolutionary artist. The attention may generally be the object of everyone’s obsession because of the “eccentric” style and persona that Gaga has adopted for the album. The MTV documentary titled Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside  is an extensive insight into the life of Gaga and how she became who she is. She talks about her early life and motivations that has enabled her to keep the spark between her and her fans alive. Gaga may have been a controversial star, but the film looks into how she became what she is now.

Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside features some of the most intimate interviews and shows snapshots of one of the most talented musicians. She talks about her childhood, her family life and all the people who have played an important role in her life. Such moments are a true rarity and they all are beautifully captured and compiled in one film. What most would called “downright crazy”, music critics have come to accept Gaga and call it her creative evolution that catapulted her to overnight fame. She has managed her public image wonderfully that somehow it is hard to imagine Gaga as an ordinary individual.

Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside is a real treat for Gaga‘s fans, who get to see her in a different light. The MTV film is well-conceived and contains some very enriching information about Lady Gaga. The makers of this MTV movie have done their research well and visually, the MTV film is quite appealing with decent sound quality. It shows some great performances by Gaga and some of her songs that were annoyingly stuck in our heads for days. As a creative artist, she has been a source of inspiration and has experimented with sexuality. It is an amazing documentary from MTV that is certainly going to keep anyone and everyone engrossed all the way till the end.

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