Licence to Thrill: Prince Naseem Hamed (1996)

Licence to Thrill: Prince Naseem Hamed Documentary Film

Licence to Thrill: Prince Naseem Hamed: Released in October 1996, this 60 minutes long documentary film is a complete store of videos of Naseem Hamed’s boxing matches. With short interviews of quite a few, Hamed has earned the praises for his outstanding boxing skills.

It is told in the documentary that his punches are totally solid and one blow would weaken the opponent, and it is clear to see that in the videos included in the film. All the spectators have bet on his winning and they chant for him as a hero. Naseem Hamed, or Prince, as he’s known by this name too has won the hearts of all.

Licence to Thrill: Prince Naseem Hamed is a mixed collection and includes the filming of Naseem’s first title defense  which is a must to watch and rest assured, it will take your breath away. It even showcases an amateur footage of his childhood, when he was fifteen. Another classic moment shown in the documentary is the crowning of the prince.

It is easy to see that the crowd worships him and find him brilliant. He’s seen to be so relaxed before his matches whilst other boxers are either excited or apprehensive. His unique style of entry into the ring, like his famous front somersault over the ropes and into the ring awes the audience even more.

Licence to Thrill: Prince Naseem Hamed charts Hamed at his peak, when big names like Barrera and Morales were hiding and running and crying for more money, Naseem was comfortable in his feat. A Lot of fights have been covered in the documentary film, including those against Steve Robinson, Danny Alicea, Manuel Medina, and Said Lawal.

With unique boxing antics and spectacular styles of entry into the ring, Naseem Hamed undoubtedly owns the license to thrill his audience!

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