Life of Birds: Meat Eaters – BBC Documentary (1998)

Life of Birds Meat Eaters BBC Documentary

The Life of Birds: Meat Eaters, BBC documentary film. Not so long ago, the prevailing theory was that Dinosaurs were reptiles. No More. The current theory is that the vast majority of birds have dinosaur ancestors. The missing link may be by analyzing the meat eating birds. We journey to New Zealand, where giant eagles terrorize monkeys and harvest flamingos in Africa. Directed and hosted by David Attenborough, we learn about the dramatic way that birds look for food. Their hunting practices rely on super-senses that can sea in the dark and hear in silence.  Relying on a combination of smell, vision, and hearing, the birds are able to use ‘guess work’ to make precise aerial maneuvers at incredibly high stakes.

We hope that you are not watching this BBC documentary on a black and white computer: the colors are surreal!  We hope that you enjoy watching this BBC documentary as much as we did.

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