Life of Birds: The Problems of Parenthood – BBC Documentary (1998)

Life of Birds The Problems of Parenthood BBC Documentary

The Life of Birds: The Problems of Parenthood, the BBC documentary follows up with our earlier “BBC - Life of Birds” documentary review of Meat Eaters. Today, we bring you the problems of being a good parent – when everyone is trying to either eat you or steal your food.

The BBC teams up with David Attenborough and journeys to the ends of the world to ask the philosophical question: what makes a good parent..if you’re a bird?

We watch the bird’s eating habits, behavior, and nurture. The birds need to learn how to fly, how to hunt, how to build a nest. Of course, unlike humans, birds have multiple children at the same time. This leads to a scarcity of attention. It is not unusual for more than one baby to not survive the first week. This is simply because the mother cannot tend to them all. The strongest survive.

The BBC documentary sweeps through an awesome range of species: sea eagles, pelicans, and many, many more and offers a fantastic amount of information about what makes a good bird parent. Watch it here!

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